DYNAMO Circus Art Talks

DYNAMO Circus Art Talks is an informal talks format, where we meet once a month to be nerdy and curious, talk, reflect and inspire each other. For each session, we will propose a text (or film/recording/podcast) and we’ll meet to debrief and share our thoughts on it. A moderator will prepare talking points for the discussion. DYNAMO Circus Art Talks is open to all interested in performing arts and circus, also at the crossroads with other artforms. Everyone is welcome, yet we open a space of generosity, empathy, and care. 

DYNAMO Circus Art Talks #1: The Need to Redefine: An Open Letter to Circus by Bauke Lievens

“Circus is both the promise of tragedy and the attempt to escape from tragedy. This makes the circus performer into a tragic hero.” – Bauke Lievens 

This is the first session of the Circus Art Talks – a reading club at DYNAMO. For this session we will be reading and discussing the first Open Letter to Circus, written by dramaturg Bauke Lievens in 2015. In the letter, addressed to circus artists, Lievens challenges a reflection on the capacity of circus arts to “stage contemporary subjectivities and identities,” the potential to become more “innovative, surprising, weird, and disturbing,” and suggests possible ways forward.   

Find the full text here (reading the text in advance is required, to fully enjoy the event): https://www.circusdialogue.com/open-letters-circus-1

In this session, we will discuss the main claims of the text, how the ideas proposed in this piece of writing are relevant today, and what happened since 2015 with the major directions in circus creation. 

If you’re familiar with the text, and perhaps discussed it previously, join us and share some of your insights! If this is the first time you’ve come across it – join us as we discover it together.

The language of the event is English.
Date: 5th March
Time: 17.00 – 18.30
Location: DYNAMO, Finlandkaj 6, 5000 Odense

The event is free to attend, but registration is ideal. Please use the form below to register.