Brunette Bros.

The greatest and 2nd smallest circus in the world

The brunette Bros have for the past 11 years developed humorous theatre along with scenography based on the disintegration of the performances themselves. The company has explored the time-pockets and spaces that occur when a performance falls apart. In practical terms, they have built scenography which breaks apart, created characters who dissolve and broken-down the framework of stage and room.

They take advantage of the fragility that ensues when the audience questions what is acting and what is real and thus the opportunity arises for a total involvement of an audience fully indulged in the illusion.

In ‘The Greatest and 2nd Smallest Circus in the World’ The Brunette Bros have developed a unique theatre performance where puppet theatre, live music and classic clownery.

The Hillbilly, Lisa Skjøth Madsen, from northern Denmark and the exotic and nationalistic Maria Solà Font from Catalunya were lucky to find each other under a terrible storm in the pacific ocean. After saving each other’s lives from the tongues of oblivion they travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark, where they fusion the tight ass of the Danes with the southern temperament into a slightly uptight and weird kind of a puppet and music theatre troop which still exist this day today.

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Duration: 60 min