Saloranta & de Vylder
Saloranta & de Vylder

Saloranta & de Vylder

The cloud jump lecture

The cloud jump is a deep dive into the creative process, about changing perspectives and a surrealistic story of a group of people who spent 2.5 years on an impossible dream of being able to control fate.

Saloranta & de Vylder is a framework for the collaboration between Sara de Vylder and Olle Saloranta Strandberg. Olle Saloranta Strandberg is a contemporary circus director and choreographer. He has a background as a circus artist and holds a MFA in direction and dramaturgy for movement-based performing arts. Lately he’s been researching circus in the airspace, on platforms in the clouds (analogue). Working with circus performers as experts in creative adaptation to changes in the environment.

As an artistic director working for Cirkus Cirkör his Under-trilogy (Undermän (2010), Underart (2014) and Under (2017)) has been touring the world playing over 600 shows in 60 cities across three continents. Olle co-founded Cirkör LAB (Laboratory for Artistic Brilliance), a space for artistic R&D as well as a meeting point for interdisciplinary artistic research outside of the academy. Today Olle is a co-founder and artistic co-worker in the company Saloranta & de Vylder.

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Duration: 75 min