Dynamo Circus Festival 2021

Never before have we so desperately needed to meet over circus, performing arts and music!

For more than a year we have lived with social distancing and separation, lock down and cancellations. For more than a year, the performing arts have stepped down for safety and public health.

We have shown responsibility and sensibility, we cancelled last year’s circus festival, and impatiently waited for our turn to re-open.

Now it’s clearing up! Summer is upon us, the vaccines are flowing in a gentle stream through society and the borders are re-opening. Now it’s time to be together again. Time for circus, performing arts, wild experiences and new perspectives. And we can hardly wait.

If there is one thing circus can do, it is to portray physical risk and articulate danger, together with humor, sincerity, surprise and madness. With equilibrium and mastery of both technique and storytelling, circus can both impress and entertain, and tell us about being human and being together, for better or worse.

For this year’s festival program, we have selected 8 performances with artists from near and far, concerts, a kick-ass kabaret, food, open stage, film and party – all curated with love for circus and a desire that you leave the festival grounds with an experience of a lifetime.

Welcome to DYNAMO Circus Festival ’21