The Light Company

FreeFall is the first full length show created by The Light Company, a multi esthetical company created by the dancer and circus artist Jasmin Sofie Sabroe and sound artist Anne-Kristine Selvejer.

Together they explore the phenomenon – the panic attack. Mental health issues thrive in the dark. The interest to explore and understand the panic was awoken by their personal history with it. Combining dance, aerial hoop and multichannel electroacoustic sound, the audience is brought into the depth of anxiety and the stigmatisation around it.

How does a panic attack dance? How does it sound? What happens in the body when anxiety creeps in? Jasmin confronts her personal history with anxiety, her own demons and shadow sides, inspiring the physical material in the aerial hoop and dance. Sounds from Jasmin’s body are recorded – her breath, heartbeat, her bodies contact with the floor and the hoop. This creates the base for the sound universe. The sounds are amplified, multiplied, minimised, mixed and sent out through a multichannel speaker system. Creating a 3D effect where the sound flies through the space and is unique for each audience seat.


Jasmin and Anne-Kristine met at AFUK, where both were students. In 2016, they began collaborating on their first project ‘Repeat.’ The fusion of their universes; sound art, dance and circus, have evolved sensitive and approachable pieces. A curious desire to explore the darkness and a hope to provoke a more open conversation on taboo topics such as mental health, drive them together to test the limits of their sound and performing arts.


Statens Kunstfond DK.
Projet formalization Esacto’Lido FR.
BIRCA – International Recidency Center for Artists DK.
AFUK – akademiet for utæmmet kreativitet DK.
Dynamo – Workspace for circus and performing art DK.
Feral Festival DK.

In residency at Dynamo from Jan. 9. 2022 to Jan. 18. 2022