Bugge Bang & Co

Rhythm performers Villads, Ilmo, Livya & electronic composer Lasse Munk will work together throughout October on the basis of the theme “Action – Reaction”.

As dancers, they will use juggling patterns to see how they can juggle with their own bodies & space. As rhythm people, they will play with the rhythm & timing of juggling.

Focusing on timing, time and space. They will explore how to manipulate objects without being in direct contact with them, through the power of their bodies with breath, tramp & clap – from step, body percussion, beatbox as well as electrical appliances.

Meet the group when they present their work at DYNAMO, Sunday the 27th of October at 7 PM.

Villads Bugge Bang

Physical rhythmic performer

With a strong presence on stage Villads Bugge bang is juggling with his own body and using different elements of tap dancing, body percussion, human beatbox, object manipulation, comedy and seriousness. Villads graduated in 2018 at the bachelor level in Nycirkus from the AMoC – Academy of Modern Circus and has since worked with the circus collective Acting for Climate to explore how to work with these themes as an artist.

Livya Howard-Yashar

Dancer and Choreographer

Livya Howard-Yashar is a dancer, educator, choreographer, musician and actor native to Los Angeles. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Livya has performed and collaborated alongside various NYC based dance artists including Chia-Ying Kao, and currently tours with Max Pollak’s Rumbatap based in NYC. As a dancer/choreographer,  Livya’s work explores the meeting point between concert, commercial, and various cultural dance forms. With her extensive background in the performing arts and cross cultural studies, her work draws upon the interconnectivity of language, storytelling, music, and dance.

lmari “Ilmo” Simonsen (FIN/DK)

Dancer and physical performer

22-year-old finnish/danish tap dancer and performer. Growing up in an artist family, he has been influenced by music, dance and physical comedy from very early on. Ilmo has performed in many different venues from jazz bands to television, from clubs to concert halls. He is a Jacob’s Pillow alumni and has won a number of dance battles at Stockholm Tap Festival, the biggest tap dance festival in Europe.

Lasse Munk (DA)

Sound designer

Lasse is a sound designer, interested in sound as a creative storytelling tool. Working with inspiration from the thought about ”you don’t have to be aware that you’ve heard something, to become affected by it”. Lasse is exploring ways of triggering specific emotions at the listener, such as discomfort, fear, joy, sadness and the state of trance.

Lasse’s primary focus is sound design for movies, videos, theater and sound installations.

Supported by Nordic Culture Point – Funding for Artist Residencies

In residency at Dynamo from Oct. 1. 2019 to Oct. 31. 2019