CANCELLED – Mad Office

In the simple sales office of the furniture store Rucks Leather Interiors, Mr. Grareth Krubb (Wakenshaw) and Mr. Dennis Chang (Duncan) are going about their hectic business day after day. In their paltry “from 9 to 5” office atmosphere an extravagant world of fantasy unfolds. With little dialogue, Wakenshaw and Duncan fill their little world with silent, physcially expressive absurdity, and bizarre fantasies emerge from the monotony of everyday office life.

Trygve Wakenshaw is the acclaimed physical comedian behind shows such as Kraken, while his Kiwi compatriot Barnie Duncan is the creator of passionate salsa DJ Juan Vesuvius. Together they have created the wonderful and unique world of Mad Office, in which the ennui of office life spawns absurdist fantasy.

The performance is a collaboration between Momentum Theatre and DYNAMO Workspace.

OBS The performance takes place at Theater Momentum.


Boldly progressing backwards

Pendulum is two aristocrats’ cavalcade of self-reinforcing idiocracies and a peculiar fascination with everything that sways, cradles or swings.

Well-equipped with pocket watches, monocles and promising ingenuity that had previously led their peers to ground-breaking discoveries, two noblemen set out on a journey of inexplicable importance. In the familiar surroundings of upper-class comfort not even stupidity stands in the way of these two and their ingenious discoveries.

Slowly, it dawns on them however, that not everything is as it once was, for what is Nobility without riches, servants and reason?

DURATION 50 min.
AGE 8 years and up

Adult pre-sale: 120 kr.
Adult at the door: 200 kr.
Retired, poor, students and youth u/25: 80 kr.
Children u/15: 40 kr

*Buy your DYNAMO-card to see tons of performances and save tons of money! 350 kr. for the entire season 21/22 (conditions apply)

“Pendulum, by the circus artists Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale is a playful flash for the greats of silent and physical comedy Buster Keaton, Jacques Tat and Freddie Frinton. The performance is a tribute to the greats of silent and physical comedy Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati and Freddie Frinton, familiar to many as the master of ceremonies of Miss Sophie, who every new year celebrates her 90th anniversary in the sketch Dinner for One. (…) In Pendulum, the stage is a playground and a game field. Instead of circus props, the momentum is taken from a rocking chair, a rocking horse, a rocking camera, and a rocking table. (…) The imaginative performance is my cup of tea, sugared with humour.” – Review of Pendulum, after the show in Oulu, Finland 2021 by Eeva Kauppinen

Horror film esthetics and eternal restlessness

All the things that constantly move back and forth is the essence of restlessness! Yet, we find in these motions an intrinsic comforting, as if they remind us of an experience before consciousness.

The performance aims to combine the explosiveness and action of circus with the human physical response to gentle constant movement.

Behind this physical comedy Pendulum are Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale.

About Thom Monckton:

[Monckton] “whose Only Bones featured at LIMF2017, [is] one of today’s most accomplished and inventive physical comedians. – (London Mime Festival)

★★★★★ “Monckton’s ability to manipulate the smallest parts of the body, not just to do this expertly well but while establishing a playful relationship with the audience, is mind-blowing” – (Across The Arts)

About Luis Sartori do Vale:

[With Luis] “We find ourselves at the crossroad of circus and visual arts and it’s just beautiful for the eyes.” – Branchés Culture

[Luis Sartori do Vale delivers] “A real scenic language that calls for the elegance of the gesture.” –

CANCELLED: Only Bones v1.0

Due to Covid-19 restrictions this work-in-progress showing has been closed for the public. We can’t wait to see you again soon! Stay safe.

Some of you already know, the rest of you will discover it soon; Thom Monckton has an incredible ability to tell stories with his body. He is charming and present, and one is fascinated by the way in which he is in contact with his body and with his audience.

Whether he tells a love story with his toes, performs a conflict situation with his fingers, or has trouble getting his head straightened, you are blown back by how intense and interesting he is to look at.

‘Only Bones v1.0’ has already played at the prestigious London Mime Festival and had two successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In a stage area centered around 1 m2, a humorous tale of the body’s possibilities for telling great stories is played out. On stage is an artist, a technician, a light, no words.

★★★★★ Broadway Baby – “His playful, hypnotising, deceptively simple part-clown-part-physical-theater act makes you forget how the human body is supposed to work”

★★★★★ Across The Arts – “Monckton’s ability to manipulate the smallest parts of the body, not just to do this expertly but while establishing a playful relationship with the audience, is mind-blowing”

“Only Bones” is a comic dogma performance developed by Thom Monckton and at the time of writing, counts four parallel versions, of which Thom Monckton’s v1.0 is the first suggestion of how a physical comedian and performer creates a universe using only simple lights and his body.


Nerve wrecking everyday-stunts

You’ll never cross the street in the same way again! 

DON GNU digs into the tediousness of everyday routines in search of poetry and humor in a performance with muscular physicality and edgy stunt tricks.    

One ordinary day, four ordinary men take a walk through a city. They readily follow unwritten and strict rules of good behavior and norms of social etiquette until one of them suddenly decides to rebel…  

With trademark DON GNU “everyday stunts” and raw physicality, WALK-MAN is a performance in which the ground is literally swept away from under the feet of four men walking. In a world where rules, norms and routines no longer apply, a pedestrian is not simply a person crossing the street and common understanding of “good behavior” falls apart.

The performance is presented in collaboration with Teater Momentum

DURATION 70 min.
AGE All ages

Membership: 0 kr.
Ticket: 200 kr.
Group ticket, adult: 140 kr. (min. 6 pers.)
Youth ticket u/25: 110 kr. 
Group ticket, youth: 80 kr. (min. 6 pers.)

About the company

DON GNU – Physical Theatre & Film is an artistic collaboration that focuses on dance and physical theatre. The company was founded in 2010 by the two choreographers Jannik Elkær and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen, who also constitute the artistic duo at the helm of DON GNU. Today the company is one of the most touring company in Denmark.