Collectif Malunés (SE/BE) & Sisus Sirkus (FI)


How are the Nordic companies and performances impacted by our Nordic surroundings? The changing seasons, the cold, the dark, the water, the vast distances, the notion of the modern gender roles… How does the North express itself through our performances? DYNAMO wanted to explore this and made an open call for nordic artists.

The two selected companies are Collectif Malunés and Sisus Sirkus, who will be in residency at DYNAMO and give work in progress-showings of their investigations..

Collectif Malunés work on the project ‘Homan’. The performance is inspired by the artist’s feelings in relation to the thought: “what happens after humanity’s downfall?” As creators, their intention is to raise existential questions, rather than answer them. They believe that the answers are constantly changing in an evolving line that is life.

Sisus Sirkus work on their production ‘Split ends,’ exploring topics such as equality, authenticity, autonomy, and freedom, as well as questions around defining Finnish female identity.

Look forward to a night of Nordic circus experiements

AGE 10 +
DURATION 2 hours incl. artist talk

Free admission – book your ticket in advance

The project is supported by Nordic Culture Point // Nordic Council of Ministers