Rapid Eye (DK/SE)

Cul de sac

New performance by Rapid Eye, co-produced by DYNAMO

Two jugglers, 230 meters of velcro-clad poles and an idea. Will that be enough to build a new world order?

Cul de sac is a contemporary circus performance by Rapid Eye, which in their iconic mix of understated comedy and deep seriousness, throws the two jugglers Samuel Gustavsson and Petter Wadsten into a wrestling match to resolve deadlocked negotiations.

Dressed in ill-fitted velcro suits, they move through a sticky choreography in a showdown against lack of action and willingness to change.

With an indomitable optimism to get the world on the right track before we are buried alive in total disaster, Cul de sac is part of the work to be done now, tomorrow and in the future…

AGE +12
DURATION 50 min.
TICKET From kr. 60 – kr. 0 with Momentum årskort or DYNAMO-kort

Co-produced by DYNAMO. Presented in collaboration with Teater Momentum.

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