Kallo Collective presents the DYNAMO Workspace co-production PENDULUM

An examination of all things that sway, cradle, swing or otherwise move backwards and forwards over and over again. A rocking chair, a swinging lamp, swinging weights, a hammock, the tide, our breath. All things that are constantly moving are the definition of restlessness, and yet we find a certain spectrum and a certain type of restlessness deeply comforting, as if they remind us of an experience before consciousness.

“Pendulum, by the circus artists Thom Monckton and Luis Sartori do Vale is a playful flash for the greats of silent and physical comedy Buster Keaton, Jacques Tat and Freddie Frinton. The performance is a tribute to the greats of silent and physical comedy Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati and Freddie Frinton, familiar to many as the master of ceremonies of Miss Sophie, who every new year celebrates her 90th anniversary in the sketch Dinner for One. (…) In Pendulum, the stage is a playground and a game field. Instead of circus props, the momentum is taken from a rocking chair, a rocking horse, a rocking camera, and a rocking table. (…) The imaginative performance is my cup of tea, sugared with humour.” – Review of Pendulum, after the show in Oulu, Finland 2021 by Eeva Kauppinen

” Luis and I are interested in working with twisted perspectives on universally identifiable concepts, to create poetic, visual and humorous images and physical situations on stage. From our original work on the rocking chair (an inherently eerie look and sounding object), we have been inspired to work in a B-class horror film aesthetic. This idea goes in line with our ambition to work with identifiable concepts as well as providing a rich aesthetic and base ready for humor, surprise, excitement, relief, visuality and intrigue; All the ingredients needed for a satisfactory production.” Thom Monckton


Luis Sartori do Vale (1982) is a performer / visual artist from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, based in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to his own projects, he has worked with instructors such as Rolf Alme, Liisa Risu, Reynaldo Ramperssad, Petri Dish, Archaos, Les 7 Doigts de la Main and Hurjaruuth. In 2012 he founded the Finnish company Nuua, with which he was subsequently selected for the international project Circus Next with the performance LENTO. With the same performance he was awarded the jury’s special prize in the 35th edition of the festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, in Paris.

Thom Monckton: “This pile of bones stacked for approx. 179 cm high, came into existence around 1985 and for some reason decided that the accompanying DNAcid should work best as a circus artist.
You can most likely catch examples of the ship’s work at Kallo Collective or with Circo Aereo. “


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