Billede af Cosmin Cirstea

FUCKD // On tour – can be booked!

New boundary-pushing performance for children and young people with humor, seriousness and neckbreaking acrobatics

“If we are to experience continued growth in Denmark so that each generation becomes richer and can consume more than the previous one, the Danish youth must run faster and perform better. But at the same time, we also need creative young people who can go new ways, think outside the box and find new solutions to the problems we face… ”

As a service to the Danish efforts in the global economic competition, DYNAMO has therefore, in collaboration with the Ministry of Research and Education Center for Chaos and Disruption (FUCKD), created a breathtaking and entertaining program to teach children how to steal a car, rebel, prank their school and defend against everything from zombies to boring, angry adults.

AGE From 6 years old
DURATION 45 minutes
LANGUAGE Danish and non-verbal

ON TOUR The performance is tailored for schools, and a custom workshop is available. Contact Gry Lambertsen to hear more about price and availability.

PRESS – what the reviews say:

“[The artists put] the audience into a FUCKD frame, which must inevitably inspire or provoke school children and make them want to discuss social issues, and not least inspire them to use their heads creatively and their bodies differently.”
Kirsten Dahl, Teateravisen

“I don’t know much about acrobatics, but damn it is fascinating to watch. There are several times when the audience has to hold their breath in suspense and bewilderment. Several times there are also both nods and smiles. The four acrobats can each do something special with their facial expressions, and together they melt into impressive sculptures of the moment.”
Anna Cæcilie Sørensen, Scenekanten

“If you are a school teacher or know someone who is, consider FUCKD! Give your students the break they deserve and immediately book the performance to come by your school.”
Anne Katrine Bagai, POV International, Kulturlisten

Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Odense Kommune, William Demant Fonden, Bubls Solidaritetsfond, Koda

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality