DYNAMO Circus Town at H.C. Andersen Festivals // Playtime August 2023 in Odense


DYNAMO Circus Town takes over Flakhaven!

Here you will encounter circus, wildness and crazy street performances, over four days of festival.

Experience the small circus tent with curiosities, the circus playground that never sleeps, and the sublime acrobats high up in the sky. DYNAMO Circus Town also shows spectacular performances by Danish and international artists – including Resiste, a French line dancer on the highwire, the world famous juggler Jay Gilligan with the performance The Perfect Mistake, and the Danish company Vice Versa with the performance Just in Time for Tea.

When DYNAMO Circus Town comes to Flakhaven, you can look forward to poetic noise and poignant experiences on the street stage, that will stay in your body long after H.C. Andersen Festivals.

We celebrate those who don’t fit in, on this outsiders’ stage. A genuine tribute to the clown, the fool, the fumbler, the sloppy, the young and their young heads and young years, the gift thief, the stressed adults, the imperfect, the lonely, the children who just can’t sit still on the chair and the adventurers without peace in their stomach.

Everyone is welcome to DYNAMO Circus Town

Where: Flakhaven, Odense C
When: 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th August
Age: For all

Read more about the program – here!

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H.C. Andersen Festivals