Circus From the Nordic Sea

Spinning Compass Performance & DYNAMO Workspace presents a mad circus attack from the sea.

Unlike the pillaging norsemen of the past whose arrival meant “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES”, the crew of Johanne are conquering new land with aerial equilibrism from the masts, death defying stunts along the wharf and “hand to hand” in high seas.

The North has a long seafaring tradition and the ocean has always played a big part in defining us as peoples; binding us together and in turn keeping us apart. From this rich nordic mythology full of tales of the sea, “Circus from the Nordic Sea” finds its visual and musical inspiration, and introduces it in a modern and highly relevant context:

“Circus from the Nordic Sea” is a social circus experiment set in a near and imagined future. Here politics and society has developed in an extremely conservative direction with no room left for dreamers and performers of the arts.

A group of Circus artists – a ship of freaks and clowns – refuses to take part in this world. And so they sail, adrift in international waters free from national restraints. Here they can create their art, and their own society. –  But what madness will come from isolation at sea?


The performance is created by the Swedish circus company “Spinning Compass Performance”. The company was established by a group of circus artists in 2018, as they realized the lifelong dream of buying an old wooden sail boat in order to turn it into a performance stage.


Sound & Music

The soundscapes as well as the music for the performance will be composed by musician and composer Jenny Nilsson. Her music is a cross section of her brain with no written rules.

Jenny is a One-Woman orchestra that moves playfully between jazz, folk and live looped electronic compositions creating chanting and captivating melodies with chords of melancholy and madness mixed with unexpected phrases in the key of the North.


The show is an outdoor performance made for all audiences. It is created for public events with cultural content that takes place close to the harbour, such as theatre & circus festivals, harbour and city festivals, sail-ship events etc..

The show will premiere on the 24th of May at DYNAMO Workspace in Odense, Denmark. And it will then go on tour in Denmark during the summer of 2019.

Boat information

The boat Johanne is an 18 meter long wooden sail boat.

The harbour Berth for the show needs to be a minimum of 22 meters long and have a depth of minimum 3 meters.

For more details, technical rider and booking please contact DYNAMO Workspace:

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality