Amir & Hemda


ZOOG – is the beauty and ugliness of any relationship, joy in its good moments, but also the difficulties and conflicts that exist in it. It is a meeting between two acrobats, a daily matter, a game of love and hate, a battle in which tenderness and cruelty mix.  Amir and Hemda, are a pair of acrobats in roles “reversed” from the norm. In a unique style that takes inspiration from martial arts, capoeira and parkour, they make their joint acrobatic movement a form of dance. 

ZOOG is a show that touches sensitive points, with humor, sincerity and bursting energy.

Amir and Hemda have been working together since 2013. Following their artistic formation in Israel and Italy they graduated from the formation “insertion professionnel” at Le Lido- centre des arts du cirque de Toulouse in 2017. Partner Acrobatics, Acro dance, Movement Acrobatics and Hand to Hand are the disciplines that serves as the base of Amir and Hemda’s work.