Los Putos Makinas (FR / BR / ES / DE / UY)


Circus, chaos and satire

Tutti Frutti is a lively and whirling mix of four energetic people celebrating the joy of life in this violent world.

Tutti Frutti is omnipresent and omnipotent. It is all around us and in the depths of our souls too. Tutti Frutti is a kind of salad of unlikely ingredients, well sprinkled with spontaneity and absurd logic, a corrosive and liberating humour!

An explosive formula to make you laugh and at the same time gnash your teeth. A societal satire of power and domination between protagonists, each more megalomaniacal and egocentric than the next. Obsessed with juggling and manipulating objects of all kinds, they give way to euphoric buffoonery.

AGE 6+
DURATION Approx. 50 min.

The performance can be seen with either a festival pass or a day ticket for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Buy tickets here.