Svalbard Company

Svalbard Cabaret Night

Svalbard Cabaret Nights is a site-specific cabaret project by the critically acclaimed Svalbard Company, developing the idea of creating a ground and methods on co-acceptance as co-existence between different human universes.

This year DYNAMO are happy to pass on this task of putting together a cabaret that WILL blow you away.

Svalbard Company is a circus company that believes in multidisciplinary art and is composed of 4 young international performers (Ben Smith (UK), Alexis Akrovatakis (GR), Tom Brand (DE), Santiago Ruiz Albalate (ES), currently based in Stockholm.

They trained at various preparatory circus schools before graduating from The University of Dance and Circus DOCH in 2014. The team has a multitude of high-level skills in various circus disciplines such as vertical rope, Chinese pole, handstands, hand to hand, banquine, clowning, acrobatics and movement/dance.

You can read more on their website here: http://compartmentalization

And you can follow them on facebook right here:

Duration: 60 min