All genius, all idiot

All Genius All Idiot brings us into the crazy and wild world of Svalbard. A journey of music, stunts and dance through a place of nonsense.

The design is based on the band like energy of the company and the feel of a desolated Scandinavian wasteland with American undertones. A fine line between man made and nature runs through the design which features rivers of cables, pulsating garbage bag lights, water, a backdrop made from a discarded advertisement banner for Svalbard Air Freshener, explosives, a neon sign and a disco ball. Like the performance it is based on a sense of ideas and atmospheres, which gives a distinct experience but no easily decipherable meaning.

There is a progression in the space from feeling lost in the garbage filled art-house snow planes to the comfort in finding a half empty cabin with a flickering neon sign above. Within, the energy, heat, extreme physicality and charm of the four performers is sure to win you over.