Vincent Bruyninckx & Vejde Grind fra Collectif Malunés

Vincent Bruyninckx & Vejde Grind from Collectif Malunés will spend their time in their residency at DYNAMO to work on their project ‘Homan.’

The performance is inspired by the artist’s feelings in relation to the thought: “what happens after humanity’s downfall?” As creators, their intention is to raise existential questions, rather than answer them. They believe that the answers are constantly changing in an evolving line that is life. The artists’ focus is therefore on observing and reflecting around these themes through earnestness and humor.

More about the project:

Their residency is part of the Exploring Nordic Circus residency programme, which investigates: How are the Nordic companies and performances impacted by our Nordic surroundings? The changing seasons, the cold, the dark, the water, the vast distances, the notion of the modern gender roles… How does the North express itself through our performances?

Supported by Nordic Culture PointFunding for Artist Residencies

In residency at Dynamo from Sep. 28. 2021 to Oct. 19. 2021