Villads Bugge Bang

Artist Villads Bugge Bang is joining DYNAMO for a residency to develop his performance – højTALER.

Through an experimental exploration of sound, vibration, juggling, objects, action, and reaction, Villads is investigating possibilities of visualizing music. In his artistic research, Villads combines surprise and humor with curiosity for the hidden values of everyday objects.

højTALER has a work in progress showing during DYNAMO Circus Festival 2021.


Villads is a physical & rhythmic performer. With a strong presence on stage Villads Bugge bang is juggling with his own body and uses different elements of tap dancing, body percussion, human beatbox, object manipulation, comedy and seriousness.

Images from Villads’ work in Progress showing at DYNAMO Circus Festival 2021

In residency at Dynamo from Jul. 21. 2021 to Aug. 4. 2021