Tutti Frutti – CIE LPM

Tutti Frutti is a swirling mix of four talented, imaginative and creative artists. With acrobatics, juggling, dancing, magic, martial arts, hypnosis, climbing, cycling, graffiti, movies and waterfalls, they create a hectic and entertaining tangle. And yes, there will be fruits, but the title also refers to the mix of styles, characters and eclectic poetry.

The four artists have studied together at Centre des Arts du Cirque de Toulouse and created the ensemble LPM when they graduated in 2015.

With this work in progress performance the artists invite the audience into the engine room and provide an insight into the process of creating a show. After the show, it will be possible to attend a talk. You will be able to ask the artists question, about them or the performance.

The talk will be in English.The show is for all age groups.

In residency at Dynamo from Aug. 31. 2020 to Sep. 13. 2020