Ten x 10 / Trygve Wakenshaw, Javier Ariza, Pedro Fabiao, Sofia Figueiredo Persson

The Ten X 10 project, aims to constitute a spectacle of physical theatre, new circus and visual comedy. It will be performed by three international clowns, fifteen years after their first meeting in Paris, where they were trained by the great guru Philippe Gaulier. After their individual journeys, which have made many people laugh all over the world, the time has come for this trio to come together, using theatrical play as an essential element in creation, producing a fresh and international show!

In their DYNAMO residency the artists will work to explore the premises and questions mentioned above. It is in this residence that the rules of the game begin to be installed, the first artistic sketches, the first images, the first musical bars, the first dances and choreographies already appear.

In residency at Dynamo from Nov. 14. 2022 to Nov. 26. 2022