Sharks on Board

Sharks On Board is a Danish contemporary circus production, suitable for children and childish souls of all ages. The performance takes place in a universe where anything can happen and only the imagination sets the limits. A world where audiences can sit back and enjoy an acrobatic journey full of stories, surprises and breathtaking circus art.

The performance goes beyond circus, with elements from modern dance and theater, which help to bind the small abstract stories together into a whole. We try to create a space where everyone can follow, across age and background. A space where the viewer can be seduced by world-class contemporary, and enjoy a break from everyday stress.

Sharks on Board premiers on April 23rd.

The artists

Daniel Bendtsen
Jonathan Bendtsen 
Mads Panik 
Sónia Matos 
Alfred Hall von Kriegbaum 
Jonas hall von Kriegbaum

In residency at Dynamo from Apr. 15. 2021 to Apr. 23. 2021