Rosa Autio (FI)

Rosa will spend this residency to work on the performance Risto.

About the performance

The show “Risto” is a duo performance played in the form of a solo show. It’s an ode to an extraordinary partner and on stage people can see an unconventional relationship between a juggler and her juggling object. In a residency circus artist Rosa Autio will do artistic research with the themes of loneliness, the longing for people and the difficulties of working alone as a solo artist. The show combines circus, object manipulation, physical theatre and clowning. The plan is to create new material for the project and develop and deepen the already existing ones.

About the artist

Rosa Autio is a Finnish circus artist who graduated from École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels in 2017 with a speciality in foot juggling. She has also studied red nose clowning technique with Giovanni Fusetti whose teachings are based on the methods of Jacques Lecoq. Rosa has her own special style of foot juggling where she combines her strong theatrical expression with a new style of manipulation of traditional foot juggling objects and classical foot juggling technique. After school she has traveled and played all over the world and worked with many different circus companies like NoFit State Circus, Galapiat Cirque, Sirkum Polaris and 15feet6.

The residency is supported by Nordic Culture Point – Funding for Artists Residencies, Odense Kommune, and Statens Kunstfond.

I residency på Dynamo fra 13. Mar. 2023 til 19. Mar. 2023