Karolina Tamara Wojtowicz & Liv Vester Larsen

Rest In is an exploration of human existence in a crisis and the transformation and initiation that happens after a crisis. The place where we need to let go of what we cannot control, where the old needs to die and we are forced to accept the new. Being left with empty hands in the unknown space where the new can now be born.

Karolina (dancer) and Liv Vester Larsen (sound artist) explore together the sound and movement of that space between agony and acceptance. How does the body and mind move in space between agony and acceptance?  What physical form does it take and what soundscape does it shape?  With the collaboration of a performance artist and a musician they take the audience on a slow-paced journey from suffering to transformational initiation.

Using true fictionalised biography material, electrical cables, belts, butoh dance, and ongoing repetitions of rituals with experimental and monotonic sounds.

I residency på Dynamo fra 13. Sep. 2021 til 24. Sep. 2021