La Compagnie KS

Wild burlesque and pure naturalism 

With juggling, living room furniture, music and ropes, the two artists bring the universal troubles of the relationship to life.

A work in progress showing of a performance along the way, with humor, irony and finesse by a Danish-French artist duo.

About the company

Katja Andersen (DK) is a rope artist, physical performer and musician. She attended AFUK from 2009-2011 after which she moved to France. Here she has for the last 10 years worked with Ricardo Gaiser (Cie Two) and the show “Finding No Man’s Land.” Lauréat Circusnext and Collectif George Bistaki with the show “Bel Horizon.”

Sylvain Monzat (FR) is a juggler, dancer and actor and has shaped his career as a circus artist in the company Helmut Von Karglass. In parallel with the stage, he has developed an acting quality that has led him to star in two short films.

In residency at Dynamo from Aug. 27. 2021 to Sep. 7. 2021