La Barque Acide – Steph Bontout-Mouat & Camille Bontout-Mouat (FR)

Steph Bontout-Mouat & Camille Bontout-Mouat – members of the French company La Barque Acide are joining this residency to work on their performance – Croquette, corps, cornichon.

A work in progress showing takes place in DYNAMO on 12th December at 20.00

About the performance

“Croquette, corps, cornichon” mixes handstands, acrobatics and dance, in an 80ies/90ies retro kitsch aesthetic! From the imagination of the monster and its representations, this piece explores the transformation of bodies.

It is through the research of the hybrid choreographic body that “croquette, corps, cornichon” deals with subjects such as: the representation of beauty, domination, gender representations and queer identity.

In residency at Dynamo from Nov. 27. 2023 to Dec. 13. 2023