Kathrin Wagner

Kathrin Wagner joins us in a residency to finish her performance ‘I Was Told.,’ which will premiere on August 17th in Odense, presented in a collaboration between DYNAMO and Spoken Word Festival.

About the performance

‘I Was Told’. is an interdisciplinary piece involving ring juggling and slam poetry, which deals with the influence of language, in the literal and metaphorical sense, on the perception of oneself and others. The artist Kathrin Wagner plays with, questions and manipulates how the audience and the artist herself perceive her as woman and performer on stage. She resolves the emerging identity conflict in an authentic, honest, humorous, and empowering manner.

About the artist

Kathrin is an autodidact, specializing in ring juggling and spoken word. She discovered her passion for circus through the juggling community, in which she also made her first steps on stage in 2011. Since then, she has participated in numerous workshops on various topics such as creation, dance, composition, dramaturgy, light and Chekhov-technique. She also attended the summer course Juggling and Music at the DOCH University of Dance and Circus. Read more at: https://www.kathrings.com/

I residency på Dynamo fra 25. Jul. 2022 til 19. Aug. 2022