Kaaos Kaamos 2.0

Company Kaaos Kaamos is back in DYNAMO for a residency prior to the DYNAMO Circus Festival! The artists are working on their new production – Kaaos Kaamos 2.0, which is part of the festival programme as a work in progress showing.

This work in progress is an invitation to step completely into the circus world of Kaaos Kaamos. A celebration of community, a meeting around the campfire. Cultures, traditions and rituals meet in a thrilling mix of banquine and Korean cradle.


Kaaos Kaamos is an international contemporary circus company. It started with 6 artists, from Sweden, Finland, Germany, New Caledonia and Chile, who had the urge to create a show together. More about the company: https://www.kaaoskaamos.com/

In residency at Dynamo from Jul. 16. 2021 to Aug. 4. 2021