Iona Kewney


Under the headline A circus career in constant motion, DYNAMO has invited Scottish-born performer, dancer, and artist Iona Kewney to work as an “Artist in residency” in August.
The residency ends on August 8th with a Work in progress showing.

Here, Iona Kewney and her artistic partner, musician Joseph Quimby, present a series of ideas from their joint process. The two work together under the name “Knights of the Invisible” and ‘Waiting for the Sea Eagle’ is the working title of the duo’s performance project, which at this stage revolves around the distinctly anatomical, etheric, euphoric and internal: A landscape of body, mind, and imagination unfolded in an abstract universe bordering on surrealism and hyper-realism.

In residency at Dynamo from Jul. 23. 2020 to Aug. 9. 2020