Grensgeval & Circus Katoen (BE/NL/CR)

Hanne Vandersteene, Willem Balduyck, Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries have spent this residency in DYNAMO to work on the upcoming performance IRRooTTAaa.

IRRooTTaa is a show for 4-5 year olds, in which small white balls fill the scene. They rattle and roll in all directions, and are neither to be caught nor understood. iRRooTTaa is an invitation to try NOT to have too many balls in the air. Who knows, maybe life will be more fun if we let things fall to the ground and allow ourselves to fail. iRRooTTaa is a stimulating, visual and musical circus performance for the whole family – including the overstimulated parents.

I residency på Dynamo fra 3. Jun. 2024 til 15. Jun. 2024