Grand Danois (DK)

Newly established Danish circus company Grand Danois spent 2 weeks in a DYNAMO residency to work on future projects.

Grand Danois is a brand new collective consisting of artists Luna Risum Stockmar, Johan Risum Stockmar, Stijntje de Boeck (of Circus Fiesta Fiasko), Nao Abacaxi – Sonia and Alfred, and Karl Dahl. 

The artists in Grand Danois are brought together by a fresh new take on circus, and the desire to spread the art out in the world, and work with circus disciplines such as static trapeze, washington trapeze, handstands, pair acrobatics, slackline, and juggling. 

I residency på Dynamo fra 15. Oct. 2023 til 26. Oct. 2023