Giedre Degutyté

Giedre Degutyte is a Lithuanian born hula hoop practitioner; a clown performer of the Friday Flop as part of the London Clown School, led by Jon Davison; and an associate artist of the Duende Ensemble Physical Theatre, led by John Britton. Having performed for six years with a Lithuanian based fire studio ‘Fire Circle’, she has an extensive knowledge of object manipulation ﴾hula hoop, poi and staff﴿ as well as butoh dance, improvisation, ensemble, physical theatre and basic aerial work, which she acquired while living abroad.

She is a recent graduate of the MA Performance Practice as Research at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama during which she developed a hula‐clown practice, focusing on clowning as a compositional tool. She holds a BA ﴾Hons﴿ in Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds.

In her residency at DYNAMO, Giedre worked with the meeting point of hula hoop and clowning. Whereas her hula-clown performance practice questions the placement and function of circus tricks, Giedrė explores clown as a compositional and dramaturgical tool in search of the comic.

In residency at Dynamo from Oct. 1. 2018 to Oct. 31. 2018