Foto: Cosmin Cirstea

Elise Reine & Adalberto Fernandez Torres (DK/FR)

Elise and Adalberto are doing this residency to finish and premiere their performence – Phobetor. The premiere is on 23rd March with additional performances on 24th and 25th March. See more here.

About the performance

In a dark and dreamy universe, the audience is invited to open their eyes to the unknown and reevaluate their view of the normal. Inspired by David Lynch, old black-and-white films and grotesque, Phobetor embraces everything that challenges the norms. With ‘contortion’ as a central discipline, the artists weave their way into our consciousness – like our worst nightmares, or secret desires. The artists are inspired by traditional techniques, but have a modern approach to it in a play between femininity and masculinity at the intersection of their two bodies. They draw on influences from dance, theater, mask work and performance art in their artistic research.
Read more about the creation and thoughts behind the process here.

I residency på Dynamo fra 6. Mar. 2023 til 25. Mar. 2023