Foto: Samuel Brien

Diagonale du Vide

Christophe Le Goff and Malika Leypere from company Diagonale du Vide! 

They’ll be working on upcoming performance ‘It’s Winter, The Sky is Blue,’ and are also giving a presentation of what they’ve been creating so far on September 9th! A little teaser of what you can expect: “The blue skies. Winter. A duet to talk about two slightly broken people, in a post-something world, and their peaceful mourning. To try and talk about the inevitable links that always get woven between two bodies who inhabit the same space, about the deep relationships that can be read in the unspoken, and yet exploring all forms of solitude.”

About the company

The name “Diagonale du Vide” comes from a geographic zone in France (a wide diagonal that descends from the north-east towards the south-west) where the population density is far lower than in the rest of the country due to industrialization driving the population towards less rural areas during the 19th and 20th century. The artists chose the name because it spoke about a geography of solitude and wide open spaces where humans live less closely knit together – that resonated closely to their subject matter for the show.

I residency på Dynamo fra 30. Aug. 2022 til 9. Sep. 2022