Revue Regret

Company Revue Regret was in residency at DYNAMO in January 2021. Using tattooing acrobatics in a rope and a cyr wheel, as well as a taxidermy fox and sword swallower to create a cathartic experience for the audience.

Time stands as still as the taxidermy fox, forgotten memories flare up in strobe light and swords become as heavy as guilt.


Revue Regret is a fierce combo formed of Jakob Jacobsson and Lisa Chudalla. They combine poetry and storytelling with cabaret, circus and performance art and serve you a spicy portion of die-hard circus full of bad decisions and bad jokes.

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In week 5 we were pleasantly provoked by the work in progress showing of “Dear Doubts” by company Revue Regret. Their circus take on the notion of regret is symbolic and poetic, and it blends the unique movement vocabularies of aerial rope and Cyr wheel. How exactly do the two apparatuses work together? Here is what Jakob and Lisa from Revue Regret told us:

“This is a question of balance. We haven’t really mixed the two disciplines. We did research the possibility of a duet with rope and Cyr wheel, but that would be inventing a new discipline, a new language. We instead focused on emphasising the individual ‘voice’ of each of the disciplines and the contrast between them; rather than merging them together, we found a way to balance them.”

Light Design in Circus

Light design is an element of creation that Lisa and Jakob focused on during their residency with us, and also a crucial part of contemporary circus performance and stage arts in general. Hear their thoughts about how they implement light design in “Dear Doubts,” as they zoom in on its role and possibilities for circus.

Photo (header): Jara Reker & Tina Peissker

In residency at Dynamo from Jan. 18. 2021 to Jan. 27. 2021