Cirkus By me / Det får bära eller brista

“Det får bära eller brista/ It will make or break” is a performance combining couple acrobatics with Nordic folk music. With an impetus from her own family history and her own experiences, Rebecka Nord started to create a performance about ​​the woman’s physical strength from both a historical and contemporary perspective. The starting point is the physical tasks that have historically always been on women. This is not least about carrying everything: children, potato sacks, pots, water and milk jugs, pushchairs into the car and upstairs, grocery bags from the shop, firewood and the like.

The ambition was to create an artistically strong performance that tells an important part of the Nordic woman’s history and highlights the woman’s physical strength. This is embodied with the help of female par acrobats who have spent most of their lives working with just physical strength and have as a profession to wear or be worn.

In their DYNAMO residency the artists explored acrobatic possibilities and forms of carrying, in technical and creative ways.

In residency at Dynamo from Sep. 6. 2019 to Sep. 11. 2019