Circus without circus – Nicolas Fraiseau & Natko Stipanicev

Nicolas Fraiseau (FR/IT, chinese pole) og Natko Stipanicev (HR, film director, animator, experimental musician/sound designer/synthesist) will work together in DYNAMO in November 2022 as part of the Circus without Circus project. The aim of the project is to facilitate cross-boundary research and to develop and explore cross-disciplinary working methods. 

Nicolas and Natko will share excerpts from their work on Sunday 13th November at 15.00 in an open presentation!

Artists statements

Nicolas Fraiseau
“As I’m starting new creation projects at the moment, I want to bring some materials I’m working on to the Circus Without Circus residencies: new circus materials (a Chinese pole in twenty pieces), an element (I work with fire), and wax construction. I’d like to meet a new artist to bring these materials together and reinvent them. I also want to share my aesthetics, and what drives me in arts, which is research on reality. How to play with real constraints altering bodies and intent, I also like to play with expectations and to discover what we do with them.”

Natko Stipanicev 
“I very much like experimentation processes, but am mostly a loner in art practices and would like to change that. As a director of animated films and an animator I mainly work alone from home. I am getting tired of that type of work, would like to change that practice, work more with people and contribute to some collectiveness.

About the project

Circus without Circus is Organised by 8 partner organisations and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The artist residencies in Denmark are co-organised together with Metropolis. Read more:

I residency på Dynamo fra 31. Oct. 2022 til 13. Nov. 2022