Blueshift is an intergalactic tale of solitude and alienation. Whether it’s your first day of school, or at a new job, or you find yourself in a new country, arriving somewhere alien or as an alien is frightening and exciting in different measures. Inspired by traditional russian clowning, Blueshift transforms those childlike physical proportions and joyful silliness into an astronaut of ambiguous origins. Like the clown, the astronaut is naive, ridiculous, curious, and funny; not necessarily the best qualities for survival on an uncharted planet somewhere in the universe. 

In their DYNAMO residency, the artists would not associate a name to the act. The show would be created by “humans,” in a strive for anonymity that lets the work speak for itself. The performers and creators are anonymous to help question the importance of identity, and so the show itself exists like the astronaut; alone and independent. 

Blueshift is an experimentation of classical and contemporary clowning and an investigation into identity.

In residency at Dynamo from Oct. 1. 2018 to Oct. 31. 2018