Anti-ism / Emma Hörnell & Kathrin Wagner

Together with Katapult in Berlin, we have chosen 2 artists for the Anti Ism Project! Welcome and congratulations to Emma Hörnell & Kathrin Wagner 

We’ve created this project with inclusivity in focus, wanting to ensure creative freedom and support the artists in acquiring the skills they need for their ongoing careers. 

In their respective residencies at DYNAMO and Katapult, Kathrin and Emma will enter circus spaces that are created and run by artists and have collaboration and community at heart. From this position, we aim to channel our support and help the artists achieve their goals in the residency! 
The residency is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

The residency ends with a work in progress showing and an artist talk together with brain researcher Åsa Fex Svenningsen, as a part of the Odense Harbour Festival, on May 29th, 19:00

In residency at Dynamo from May. 23. 2021 to May. 30. 2021