The newly established Dutch company 5PIECES consists of a group of newly trained artists from the Academy of Circus and Performing Arts in Tilburg (NL), who have worked together under the name 5PIECES for the past year. The group works with the disciplines straps, aerial hoop, handstand and dance / acrobatics.

During their residency at DYNAMO in September, the group will do movement-based research and investigate the relationship between each other and against their material or tools. Inspired by the question of how to build a group without losing their unique character, they will each work with their main discipline on how the tools can be incorporated as part of the show and not just leave them as “equipment”.

5PIECES still has their first performance ahead and we look forward to visiting this company with artists from the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Documentation from the work in progress showing

In residency at Dynamo from Sep. 18. 2019 to Sep. 23. 2019