Vokseværk – an Underværker project

Circus is always in town – with “growing pains and wonders” we get more life and community at Odense Harbour

We would like to:

1) Transform the facade into an inviting living area. Everyone must be able to see and feel that they are welcome in the community and the exciting things happening around DYNAMO.

2) Build walls around the training area so that several people/companies can use the house at the same time.

3) Transform empty cubic meters into office space and meeting rooms for associations, guests, residents, etc.

What is the idea?

We will transform the house and make it possible for it to be shared with more people.

DYNAMO is known for an inviting atmosphere, which is felt when you step inside the “Tivoligaden”. Here, a place has been created with facilities and help for both professionals, associations and anyone else with an interest in contemporary circus. DYNAMO shows performances for the public, offers residencies, holds workshops, new circus festival and much more.

The project must be carried out with respect for the location on Byens Ø, the history of the harbor and the architecture of the house. The design must pique curiosity, invite to playfulness and make everyone want to come in and experience more.

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Voices from our community:

“Fantastic place! As a recently moved to Odense circus artist, DYNAMO is one of the main reasons why I chose the city. Sweet, hard-working zealots who do everything they can to create the best framework for new circus and performing arts in general. They deserve all the best, so that they can continue to improve the conditions and quality in Danish contemporary circus.” – Alfred

“Dynamo has supported me on several occasions with both physical frameworks, artistic sparring and great openness and cordiality. For a self-creating artist with their own company, places and the people behind DYNAMO are indispensable.” – Ida

“What Dynamo does is a big plus for cultural life in Odense. With their ambitious and innovative events such as Arcade Delight and their annual circus festival, they create some fantastic audience experiences that cannot be seen anywhere else in Denmark. In addition to that, they do a HUGE job for the circus environment in Denmark. In addition to offering artist residencies, organizing workshops and seminars, professional artists and other circus enthusiasts have the opportunity to use their training facilities. Support the construction project! It will benefit many for many years to come.Signild

The project is supported by RealDania, Nordea Fonden, Nykredits Fonden and Odense Kommune.