Foto: Sampo Kurrpa

Lisa Lou (NO)

Artist Lisa Lou is joining this residency to work on the performance L’ombre de Kruskelusk, with a public work in progress showing and artist talk on Friday 21st April.

About the performance

Does a cat chasing its own tail realize that it is part of its own body? L’ombre de Kruskelusk – in English: Kruskelusk’s shadow – plays with the metaphorical paradox of being alone in one’s own world, without being fully aware of one’s own loneliness. About the relationship to one’s own body, which tells a story about consciousness and instinct, anxiety and rationality, play and survival.

Foto: Sampo Kurrpa

About the artist

Lisa started to train circus in 2005, in the depts of the Norwegian fjords. Coming from a background in music, she was completely taken away by all of the new possibilities of expression that circus had to offer. In 2006 she enrolled in the Circus Preparatory school at AFUK in Copenhagen. After three years of study and three following years of working in various circusproductions and cabaretes, Lisa wanted to dive even further into the rabbithole, so she went to France, the capital of contemporary and experimental circus in Europe. Onnce enrolled at Le Lido, Centre des Arts du Cirque in Toulouse, Lisa combined theatre, dance, music, writing and all other expressions thinkable with her circus technique on Chinese pole. She graduated from Le Lido in 2015.

I residency på Dynamo fra 11. Apr. 2023 til 23. Apr. 2023