Pigeon Superstition

Magic, illusions, mobile addiction and psychlogical experiments with pigeons are experinced in the performance PIGEON SUPERSTITION by the company FANTOM

Based on behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner’s experiments with pigeons, the performance focuses on the psychological mechanisms behind mobile addiction and asks – how free is free will?

Through reward experiments, Skinner investigated how he could effectively influence pigeon behavior. A push of a button and the pigeon got grain. This is how he accustomed the pigeons to go after the reward and thus be able to coontrol their behavior.

The same mechanisms are at play in the way our brains have become accustomed to rewards in the form of “likes”, news, photos and cat videos that make us subconsciusly search towards the phone. Whit the mobile and on digital media, we live in parallel realities, where we spend a large part of our time in search of stimuli and new rewards.

The performance is one of Denmark’s first of its kind, which falls under the genre contemperary magic/magie nouvelle. Magic it used to create a narrative, as part of an aesthetic experience: an imbalance in the senses and a shift of reality in time and space.

The members of Fantom are magician and performer David Tholander, composer and sound artist C.S. Sørensen and set designer and director Lisbeth Burian. The performance is a clash between space, magic, light, sound, with David Tholander on stage.


Contemperary Magic/ Magie Nouvelle

Age recommended: From 15 years
Duration: 70 min.

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Note: The audience must not bring mobile phones int the hall. They will be kept saft in loched pigeon loops during the performance.

The performance is also offered as a school performance, where it is possible to receive teaching material.


Inquiries regarding booking, price and technical requirements for the performance can be sent to: ida@dynamoworkspace.dk

Supported by

Odense Municipality Danish arts council Bikubenfonden William Demant Fonden