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DYNAMO, just like any other cultural venue faces the challenge of not being able to host an audience and the financial consequences that follows from that.

That is why we put together this list of opportunities for you to support the circus house.


If you want to help ensure that DYNAMO can continue to create spectacular cultural experiences in the intersection between visual poetry, ballistic acrobatics and entertainment in the future, you can donate a donation via GoFundMe by clicking on the link below the video.

Other ways of supporting

Of course, culture is something that we give to each other! – and we therefore suggest that you buy some now, in order for you to have something to share and enjoy with others later.

A year of circus adventures at DYNAMO

* Please note that the DYNAMO Circus Festival is the only event at DYNAMO that is not included in the DYNAMO card and tickets for this event must therefore be purchased separately.

Support us with exactly what you want and receive a gift card in return:

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