Alexander Vantournhout - Not Standing (NL)

Red Haired Men

Wonderfully weird

Are they beautiful or insane? Do they live by logic, or do they exist in pure absurdity? A mass of questions emerge as the Red Haired Men take the stage.

In this performance you can experience meaningless, funny and almost magical characters who use dance, acrobatics and theater to create a unique and quirky universe. A thoughtful performance based on the censored Soviet avant-garde poet, Daniil Kharms.

“There was a red-haired man who had no eyes or ears. He didn’t have hair either, so he was called red-haired arbitrarily.
He couldn’t speak, since he didn’t have a mouth. He didn’t have a nose either.
He didn’t even have any arms or legs. He had no stomach and he had no back and he had no spine and he had no innards whatsoever. There was nothing!
Therefore we don’t even know whom we are even talking about. It’s better that we don’t talk any more about him.”

-Danjil Kharms

Red Haired Men is presented in collaboration with CCAF!


Following his previous work such as solo ANECKXANDER (2015) and duet The Ceramic Rose (2018), Red Haired Men is Alexander Vantournhout’s first group choreography. It forms the next step in the development of a distinctive and idiosyncratic dance-acrobatic vocabulary.

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Photo: Bart Grietens

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality