Circus By Me (SE/NO)

Det får bära eller brista

Acrobatic circus collective

With stoic calmness and physical strength, six female acrobats lift, fall and move across the stage to the sound of evocative and quirky folk music.

Throughout history women have always engaged in physical work associated with housekeeping, child care and life in general. The performance Det får bära eller brista is inspired by Nordic women’s physical tasks over the last hundred years.

Here the cast are all bearers of their ancestral stories, which they pass on through their bodies and choreography. A testimony of generations of women who encompass contrasts such as heaviness and lightness, strength and vulnerability, joy and sorrow.

A beautiful, physical and impressive portrayal of the woman as a supporting figure in life.

DYNAMO AFTER DARK event after the performance – more information to come!


CIRCUS BY ME offers contemporary circus with acrobatics as a specialty, crossing various art forms such as contact improvisation, modern dance, ceramics and theater. It employs culture as a means for building a better world. In the performance, six female acrobats work together as three duo pairs, as two trio groups and as one acrobatic collective. They all have about twenty years of experience as professional new circus artists.

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Photo: Alex Hinchcliffe & Kristian Wanvik

Supported by

Danish arts council Odense Municipality