Waves i Vordingborg

Nycirkus Branchedag / Waves Xtra

In 2021, three Danish festivals have started a completely new collaboration around coordinating events dedicated to professionals in the field of contemporary circus. These are two dedicated contemporary circus festivals – C!CAF Copenhagen Circus Art Festival and DYNAMO Circus Festival based in Odense, and Waves Festival, based in Vordingborg. Waves Festival has a broader focus on international performing arts, but contemporary circus is an important part of the program, and the festival has for a number of years wanted a closer relationship with the Danish contemporary circus environment.

Each festival has associated events for professionals, and the desire with the festivals’ collaboration is that the professional events are thought of together.

The festivals have sent an open call to the circus field to ask about the industry’s wishes and needs. Here, a picture emerged of a number of specific issues, and a great need to relate fundamentally to the industry’s situation and challenges. DYNAMO’s Circus Seminars focus on selected issues and physical workshops. Waves Festival organizes a day focusing on the industry’s current situation, to accelerate and strengthen the development of the field, and C!CAF follows up on the discussion and initiatives in March 2022.

Save the date:

DYNAMO Circus Festival: Circus Seminars 4th & 5th August 2021 (OBS! In English) Registration is open here.
Waves Festival: Professionals’ Day – Together for a Stronger Contemporary Circus Environment 25 August 2021 (OBS! In Danish) More info will be available at the start of May on the Waves Festival webpage.
C!CAF: Deep Dive March 2022