Masterclass in physical storytelling

Stories told through movement and visual dynamics

OBS!!! We are working on offering this masterclass at the end of April, but we are awaiting clarification of what can be done in relation to assembly restrictions – therefore registration is not yet open. If you are interested in receiving a direct message when registration opens, send an email to

The collective creation is the focal point of this masterclass, where the participants work together to create their own stories, construct characters, scenography and soundscape.

In the development of ideas and stories, we work with formats such as comic silent storytelling and object theatre, and explore how suspense curves and storytelling can be visually enhanced, including film-inspired storytelling techniques such as zoom, close-ups, slow motion, time-lapse, and other.

The workshop ends with a presentation of the different stories that the groups have created.


The masterclass is for everyone who works with physical performing arts such as dance, clown, modern circus, magic or performance.

The workshop is held by two teachers, members of The Krumple, and will take place in English with the option of partly Danish.

Instruktor  /  David Tholander & The Krumple (DK/FR)
Date  /  end of april 2021

Time  /  11:00 – 17:00
Location  /  Dynamo Workspace i Odense
Participants  /  15
DAF Member price  /  350 kr.
Non-member price  /  700 kr. 

David Tholander & The Krumple (DK / FR)

David Tholander is a physical artist, performer and magician and part of the international theater company The Krumple. The company, based in Oslo and Paris, has a strong physical and visual approach to the performing arts, often to convey stories with a deep theme – spiced with comic elements. All artists in the company are trained at the renowned École Internationale du Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, and since 2013 they have performed together on theater stages in France, Norway, Germany, England, Scotland, Georgia, Denmark and New York.