Workshop for physical performers: acro-dance and creation

Acrobatics and dance mix and overlap to enjoy their individual qualities. The workshop proposes a search for physical identity and encourages freedom to discover new ways to use emotions to feed what the artist wants to tell on stage, improvising, or dancing in our living room.

The workshop is facilitated by artists Mariano Rocco and Tom Collin, an acrobat and an aerial acrobat with different styles that feed on capoeira, hip-hop, funk, break. In their approach to creation, they use scenic tools such as theater and body improvisation, to explore character creation and dramaturgy.

Tools in the workshop: body dissociation, symbolism of the shape of the body in space, physical theater and dance, dramaturgy, air.


About the facilitators

Artists Mariano Rocco and Tom Collin met at international circus school Lido, in France. They created their own company, DebilEmmental, and premiered their first performance in 2021. Find out more here.

This workshop is organised in collaboration with The Circus Playground, and made possible with support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Odense Municipality.