The Anti Ism Project

Dynamo workspace & Katapult – Residency collaboration 2021
We would like to create a shared-residency program to develop a new contemporary circus show from conception to premiere, which would support artists with the tools necessary for their further development.

The main theme of the project is inclusivity.

The inclusivity theme is born out of our recognition that many artists are sidelined from traditional residency/funding programmes due to life circumstances outside their control and gaps in their skill set.

The application process is specially constructed to be as accessible as possible to people regardless of their level of formal education, instead focusing on artistic vision and integrity. We aim to ensure high quality and professionalism in the projects, without academicising the artists and the application process.

The aim of the program is to provide a base level of support for the contemporary creation process without taking responsibility or control away from the artists, thereby empowering them to develop their own works in the future. During the project, we aim to support the artists by helping to bridge the gaps in their knowledge and support them in the development and acquisition of new skills essential not only to the project but to their ongoing careers. The spaces involved in the project have the common ethos of being run by artists for artists with a strong focus on community and collaborative working. Therefore our spaces and teams are perfectly positioned to help with advice and support on a wide range of topics related to constructing a successful production.

How to apply: All you need to do is submit a 5 minute video with the theme “inclusivity” – take 2 minute to introduce yourself and your idea, and then demonstrate your idea with your chosen discipline in whatever way is possible to you. The video can be in any language, we will find the translator.

Send an email to with the subject “The Anti-ism project”
In the email there has to be one, and only one, link with the 5 minute video, nothing else.
Application deadline: 16.11.2020

The chosen artists will start their residency with a week at Katapult, starting on the 4th of Jan, 2021. They will immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural and artistic scene of Berlin, before taking their ideas to Dynamo, for a second week of residency. They will rehearse and perform their result of residency showing with the technical assistance needed to finalize their performance for the stage.

The result of residency showing will take place at Dynamo on the 19.01.2021

While we will provide all the necessary help – from conceptualisation to performance – we will do so without taking control of your ideas. Should you need it, we will also help you understand your way around funding applications, giving you the tools to create and sustain works of art.

We encourage the interdisciplinary performing arts but the focus is on circus.

Practical information
We will cover the travel and accommodation expenses.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions on travel, this call is only open to people within the Schengen zone, as well as the UK and Ireland.
Traveling only by land: Train, bus or car.

During the residency in both Berlin and Odense, you will have a place to stay.
Berlin: (Kreuzberg)
Private room. Shared kitchen and bathroom.
Odense: One apartment with two rooms. 4 beds in each room. Private kitchen, shower and entrance. Access to garden.

We look forward to hearing and seeing your ideas!

Katapult & Dynamo